Living Flowers

Italian Floral Artistry

I can say from experience that flowers, besides being a great passion of mine, are also excellent therapy for the soul as they help fight moments of sadness and stress. Flowers, in fact, touch all our senses with their endless colorful nuances, touchable textures, intoxicating perfumes, the small sounds they make as they whistle in the wind, and, of course, the most creative recipes that please our palates!

With their infinite shapes and sizes, flowers help us to free our imagination to create small and large compositions. The inspiration
for Creativity and Composition comes from all this — and a response to the frequent requests of my students. They are eager to have a text that contains useful information on the most common varieties of flowers available on the market, combined with images of compositions that are simple and build upon concrete work ideas.

With this book, I hope to provide a useful approach to the world of the floral art education and provide information about many of the main varieties of flowers that follow one another during the year. You will find a careful selection of materials to create floral designs with different degrees of difficulties and a variety of styles.

I think of this book as a curated photographic guide to highlight the colors and the beauty of the individual flowers. The beautiful
photographs of the arrangements are paired with information concerning the origin and seasonal availability in the market. In
addition, with each flower I’ve given the meaning and suggested ways to use this meaning to further enhance your creativity.

I hope you find this book straightforward in its approach and clarity – and that you consult it often!

Flavia Bruni, author