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Inside Natural Design Studios: Crafting Floral Elegance

Step behind the scenes at Studios, where creativity blossoms and floral wonders take shape. Today, they’re unveiling the artistry behind their wiring techniques, with a special focus on boutonnieres and corsages.

A heartfelt shoutout goes to patrons Melanie and Amber, recent guests at a live event hosted at Zen River Retreat. Their support fuels the studio’s passion for sharing floral expertise.

With an array of tools and materials at hand, including different wire gauges, scissors, and floral tape, they embark on showcasing the piercing method. Their choice of a lavender rose, leather fern, and myrtle sets the stage for a demonstration brimming with elegance.

Emphasizing the importance of understanding floral anatomy, particularly the calyx, they deftly thread the wire through, creating a stable base for the arrangement. A delicate dance of wrapping ensues, securing the stems while adding a touch of sparkle with rhinestone accents.

As they work, they share invaluable tips, from tape stretching techniques to storage advice for maintaining freshness. Each step is an invitation for fellow enthusiasts to join their floral journey, with a promise of creativity and boundless beauty.

With the final touches applied – a few pins for that perfect finish – they step back, proud of their creation. It’s not just a boutonniere; it’s a testament to their dedication and love for the craft.

From behind the scenes at Studios, the invitation is clear: join them in celebrating the artistry of floral design, where every petal tells a story of elegance and grace.

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