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In Love

A bride shines all the more if she has a beautiful bouquet in her hand. The shape of the bouquet and the types of flowers mostly depend on the bride’s personality and the style of the wedding. From stately traditional to informal chic, there is just the right bouquet for every bride. The florist applies the bride’s wishes in his/her creation while adding a personal and unique touch to the festivities. Paging through ‘In Love: Inspirational European Wedding Bouquets’ you will find more than 60 ideas.

Current trends lean towards romantic wild bouquets. A wedding bouquet that looks like you picked the flowers directly from nature straight from the garden. A nonchalant, but structured wealth of florals that comes together in a bouquet. Especially summer flowers make such a bouquet a great idea.

But compact, powerful bouquets remain the most popular. Roses in all their shapes and colors are ideal. You can also choose a structured bouquet and a specific shape which the bride will adore: square, circle, cascade… In this release you will even find several bouquets inspired by perfume bottles. A wedding bouquet in the form of her favorite perfume, isn’t that a great idea?

If we look at the types of flowers that are used in bridal bouquets, we often see roses, orchids, calla’s … but florists can also make beautiful bouquets using less popular flowers like chrysanthemums or sunflowers. Perhaps the bride has a favorite flower that can be used in the bouquet. It is also always a good idea to take the season in mind. Is the wedding in summer? Then it would be a shame to use tulips.

Some souvenirs are of great value to the couple and they would like to be very close to them on that special day. In a number of bouquets, you will find old jewels, pearls, pieces of fabric… beautifully arranged among the flowers.

‘In Love: Inspirational European Wedding Bouquets’ gives you inspiration for bouquets of many different forms: from romantic fine to bold and even cool bouquets. Hand-tied, with floral foam, pouch or drip-shaped. Cherished by every bride.