Living Flowers


This is exactly what has happened in the case of two floral peers Arthur Williams and Stacey Bal. They found each other through the common ground of exploring and sharing their emotional expression using impermanent materials to reflect their artistic skills.

The curiosity of acting with a conscious mind and feeling the ecstasy of a growing process is a liaison between these two artists. As both are true explorers, it is not about the outcome but all about the journey. Indeed, it was an educational journey that brought us together. I had the good fortune to meet them through the European Masters Certification (EMC) program.

When I got to see the first photographs of their work for this book, styles such as “Freakebana” and “eclectic” popped up—but all done in a concept with a harmonious flair. This, and the signature style of these two infinitely creative designers, is how they bring an essential statement to the surface: With art, they create an idealism with their interplay.

I do appreciate the inquisitiveness of these artists. Their ambition and drive to explore new possibilities, sometimes by revealing a botanical’s soul or through the combination between all the elements, is refreshing.

This inspirational book is an invitation to action for anyone who is on a quest of how elements can be combined and interact one another overall. Arthur and Stacey challenge themselves to guide the materials into a story of synergy. Their message is an invitation to embrace the imperfection and the transience that make this medium so perfect.

Design should be an infinite process, a journey of growing and expressing recent emotions. Art will always be a barometer of time.

Congratulations! I am so proud of you both as you were able to artistically catch the spirit of time. I wish you both the best luck!
Tomas De Bruyne
Floral Experiences Worldwide

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Arthur Williams

Arthur Williams AIFD, CFD, EMC, CPF is known for his floral headdresses and the use of natural tension in his work. With a background in gardening, sculpture, and photography, he entered the floral industry in 1996 and opened Babylon Floral Design, in Denver, Colorado, in 2004. One of the first seven people in Colorado to become a Certified Professional Florist (CPF), he is also a Certified Floral Designer at the national level. Arthur
was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) in 2015 and completed the European Master Certification (EMC) program in 2016.

Arthur has been featured in the 2012-13, 2014-15, 2016-17, and 2018-19 editions of International Floral Art. His floral design work made the spring 2013 cover of the French
floral art magazine Nacre and was also featured in the winter 2016 edition. Arthur’s designs also have been showcased in many Colorado publications, he has contributed to Florists’ Review magazine, and was profiled in the book 50 Mile Bouquet by Debra Prinzing. In 2018,
Arthur received a bronze medal in the “International Flower Contest” at the annual “World Flower Garden Show” in Japan. He is a past “Creative in Residence” at the Denver Art Museum and is currently on the selection committee for the program.