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How to Make a Boutonniere in Six Simple Steps

How to Make a Boutonniere in Six Simple Steps

Wedding planning comes with a whole list of boxes to check off, and amongst those to-dos is the consideration for florals. From lush centerpieces to altar adornments and bridal bouquets, the list of wedding floral options can seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you’re crafty or obsessed with DIY, there are a few items you may be able to tackle on your own, including the boutonniere.

A boutonniere, traditionally displayed on the lapel of a jacket, is a great way to make your floral design entirely cohesive. You may opt to have just one person wear a boutonniere, or you may choose to make plenty so all of the men involved in the wedding can don them, from the groom and groomsmen to any male family members, along with your ring bearer.

Think going the DIY route for boutonnieres is the best option for you? Read as floral designer Erice McNeff shares how to make a boutonniere in just a few steps and flex your creativity.

Erice McNeff is a floral designer and the owner of Everbloom Floral Design, a floral design company based in Southern California.

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