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How to Grow, Harvest, and Condition Daffodils

How to Grow Harvest and Condition Daffodils Daffodils bulbs are planted in the fall for an early spring show and harvest.

The bulbs should be planted pointy side up, in well draining soil, and planted in full sun or partial shade. The entire daffodil is toxic. Exercise caution, and wear gloves when harvesting. Pull daffodils rather than cutting them. Cutting them will encourage the toxic sap to flow freely, but pulling helps to curb sap production.

Harvest singles as the gooseneck stage and doubles half open for the longest vase life. Daffodils still in the pencil stage will not open in the vase. Avoid harvested any daffodils that have reflexed or tissue paper like petals. These blooms are far past their prime. Let the foliage die back naturally to replenish the bulb for next season.

Condition daffodils by placing them in cool water for 6 hours. Let the toxic sap seep out from the stem. After 6 hours have passed, dump the water, clean the vessel, and refresh with clean water. At this time, daffodils are properly conditioned and are ready to be paired with other flowers.