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How to Deadhead for More Flowers – Perennials, Roses

Deadheading – the removal of spent flowers – is a technique you can use on annuals, most perennials and some shrubs to encourage a quick repeat of flowering. It also helps to maintain a tidy appearance, avoid unwanted self-seeding and to stage (schedule) flowering through the season. In this video I’ll mainly focus on the deadheading of perennials and roses, and I’ll discuss which plants are more (and less) responsive to this kind of management. Some topic notes: the list of perennials in the video is not exhaustive. There are many more perennials than those listed. YMMV. Response to deadheading ranges from none (peonies) to scattered rebloom through to a full 2nd or 3rd flush as the season allows. It can vary by species and cultivar even within the same genus, and many plants also have daylength and temperature responses that will contribute to their “willingness” to keep going.

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