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How to Create High-Style Floral Arrangements—Even if You’re a Beginner

How to Create High-Style Floral Arrangements—Even if You're a Beginner

Tabia Yapp launched her floral design business, Bia Blooms, in 2020, after years of arranging flowers for friends. Word spread about her bold signature style—defined by luscious flowers and daring color mixes—and one morning, she woke up to an email about appearing in a Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z video spotlighting Black entrepreneurs. “It was a bonkers thing to happen for my business so early on,” says Yapp.

Since then, Yapp and her team have created floral installations for Alexander McQueen, the Black Panther movie premiere, and the Grammys; in addition, she offers individual special-occasion bouquets locally (subscribe to her newsletter to learn about pop-up sales). Here, she gives us a window into her approach for creating VIP–worthy floral designs, with beginner and budget-friendly tips along the way.

Tabia Yapp was immersed in the creative world even before becoming a floral designer. In addition to creating arrangements for high-profile clients through Bia Blooms Floral Studio, she owns a boutique talent agency, BEOTIS, that represents writers and artists of color. Yapp also runs the Arrange for Change project, raising funds and creating community floral arrangements for local nonprofits. “Flowers make people feel seen and celebrated. I love being a part of that,” she says.

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