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We have all spent an unprecedented amount of time in our homes, so it’s a perfect time to shake up our houseplant displays. And while singular statement planting will always have its place, I’m an enormous fan of grouping plants together, combining flowering and non-flowering, usually on a one third: two thirds ratio, so that something interesting is always happening – much like a seasonal display in the garden. Orchids are a great inclusion here and can be incorporated into any design. These elegant flowers may traditionally be associated with formal drawing rooms or reception areas, but they are just as beautiful grouped on a kitchen table with Pteris nipponica (white-striped Cretan brake) and Nephrolepis exaltata (sword fern), where their contrast in height and foliage variation.

A key part of any successful arrangement of plants is choosing the right container combinations and fortunately there is a huge choice of plastic, wood, metal, stone, concrete and resin from which to select. A stylish look is to choose a color for your planters, gold for example, but then opt for different finishes and sizes so that the grouping is cohesive. While the aesthetic of any potential grouping.

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