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Going to the Flower Market – Do’s and Don’ts

Wrap up warm

Wear warm clothes whenever you visit because the flowers are kept at a constant cool temperature throughout the year. Similarly, do not expect to experience a delicious fragrance as you enter the market because heady perfume is released in warmer temperatures.

Choose the right time

The best time to arrive at our market is around 7am when the serious business of the market has been done. Market traders must prioritise their regular trade customers, who have very limited time to spend in the market before they open their shops or start on an installation. Many wholesale markets are open longer so find out when they will be less busy but not when they are closing up.

Check the parking rules

At our market, for example, cars must use the first floor level; the ground floor is reserved for vans. The cost at the barrier is $ 7.5 for up to 3 hours unless you have a yearly pass.

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