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Getting married as a florist

‘Surprise your guests with all kinds of beautiful flowers.’

Summer is the season par excellence for weddings. COVID-19 has thrown a few spanners in the works in recent years, but parties have made a comeback since the summer of 2021. In America, the principle big, bigger, biggest has been in place for years. A bridal party is more than a bridal bouquet, a few bouquets for the bridesmaids and some corsages. The garden, the tables, as well as the entire wedding location also get a floral touch. This luxury format blew over to Europe. The overall picture should impress and be a bit more exclusive.

As an interior designer florist and daughter of a florist, how do you approach your own wedding? We put the question to Josefien, daughter of florist Kurt Vercamer. Josefien married her dream beau Louis on July 24, 2021 – a year later than first planned due to Corona. Josefien was trained as an interior designer. She was born among the flowers and caught the flower bug, a bug that has stayed with her! She decided three years ago to take the plunge and resolutely chose the flower business with her father Kurt at her side!

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