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Create an air of fantasy by combining natural and artificial materials

Christmas is a time of tradition and fantasy. Fantasy gives us the liberty to use artificial flowers more freely at this time of year. However, if you buy good faux flowers with an input from horticulturists who have identified botanical details on the faux specimens, it’s hard to spot that they’re not the real thing.

Of course, nothing can replace what Mother Nature creates, but we’re now seeing a new generation of faux flowers that are far away from those that used to come free with a packet of washing powder! Today, manufacturing even gives us ‘real-feel’ stems that makes them appealing to both sight and touch.

Although the initial outlay might be expensive, in days where economy is often an issue, they create a long-term saving because they can be used again and again to create stunning displays. The idea is not to replace fresh completely, but to mix faux with fresh foliage from the garden (not a new concept, but one for us to revisit) perhaps together with seasonal and/or perfumed flowers.

Alternatively, you could spray some of your favorite room spray near the arrangement!

Learn more and see all of the amazine Faux/Fresh designs in this issue of Flora Magazine!

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Judith Blacklock
Judith Blacklock

Flora Magazine is edited by Judith Blacklock, proprietor of the world-renowned Flower School in Knightsbridge, London.