Living Flowers

Flowers To Wear

When I was a little girl, fashion designing was my life! My dolls and my bedroom “design workspace” looked like a scene from Project Runway. I spent every free moment sewing original Barbie® couture creations made from scraps of toilet paper, cardboard, Grandma’s quilt remnants, seeds and sometimes mud or clay. My school notebooks were filled with evening gown sketches and my shopping trips to Kmart® were spent in the Barbie doll accessory aisle dreaming of the day I could afford a 30-pack of Barbie shoes!

Even though I left my dreams of being a Paris fashion designer behind, I quietly held on to the idea of someday, somehow, being part of the design world. Many years later, when I entered the floral industry, I quickly observed that many of my fellow floral artists where still “playing with dolls”. Only these floral couture designers had exchanged their Barbie muses for real models using a new “fabric” made of botanical materials.

Today, designers are still tailoring foliage and incorporating sewing techniques to create form-fitting, exquisite evening dresses. They are experimenting with combining diverse mechanics and techniques to create over-the-top, high-fashion head pieces. They use natural woods in a unique way to design wearable jewelry! In short, floral designers have given themselves permission to “play” with flowers and, in turn, produce gorgeous floral fashion that rival the design houses of Paris, New York and Milan.

Why, you might ask, do floral artists embrace this area of expertise within the industry? The overwhelming response to this question is simple: Because they love it! The designers who grace the pages of this book have found their niche, their happy place that allows them to express themselves as the fashion designers they had secretly kept locked away. They willingly, and exuberantly, give you private access to their floral couture visions and designs.

This “All Access Pass” allows you to window shop, stroll and live vicariously through their inspiring creations. These pages are filled with incredibly beautiful and expressive headpieces, accessories, dresses and whimsical floral ensembles – all created by these passionate floral artists. You have our permission to “virtually” try on the fashion and prance in the mirror imagining you are wearing these one-of-a-kind fashion creations. A few of the designers have graciously shared their secrets giving you the keys to becoming a Floral Fashionista with step-by-step designs for making floral dresses, floral jewelry, floral halos and more!

We hope you enjoy the fashion salon experience of Flowers to Wear and let it inspire your inner fashionista, unlock that floral couture spirit and create to your heart’s desire.

May your dreams become a reality and walk down the catwalk!