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FlowerBox White – FlowerBox Waterproof Folding Flower Vase To create Tropical Floral Design

FlowerBox Waterproof Folding Flower Vase To create Tropical Floral Design. Watch Erik Witcraft create this beautiful Tropical Floral Design using the White FlowerBox with a Silk handle and gift card. Perfect for Grab & Go Flower sales!

When it comes to design, function, and cost, FlowerBox kicks glass! The smart design of the FlowerBox waterproof paper vases includes streamlined packaging, allowing the FlowerBox to be shipped and stored flat. It is literally a snap to put together, and just as easy to fold back down to be stored between uses.

The wide array of colors makes it easy to match a FlowerBox to the color scheme of a flower arrangement or the theme of an entire event. The clean lines and vibrant color of a FlowerBox help to save on flower costs, and the added boost of color and style makes even a small bouquet seems bigger.

Made of earth-friendly materials, FlowerBoxes can be recycled, so you can feel good about recycling your FlowerBoxes instead of letting them collect dust for eons to come.

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Erik Witcraft AIFD
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Erik Witcraft AIFD is a Portland, Oregon-based floral designer and a regular contributor to Living Flowers.