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FlowerBox Floral Design Arrangement Tutorial for Florists – Blush Traveling Centerpiece

Blush Traveling Floral Design Centerpiece is a FlowerBox florist arrangement tutorial created by Erik Witcraft AIFD featuring the 4 inch cube by FlowerBox.

Join Erik as he demonstrates how to visually connect 3 boxes together in an interesting and luxurious way featuring fabulous blossoms from Rio Roses. Materials used: 3 – 4” cubes (FlowerBox) fresh floral foam, 18 gauge hot pink aluminum wire, New Zealand flax, ‘Sweet Unique’ roses (Rio) soft pink carnations (Rio) peach ranunculus (Rio) zonal geranium foliage, and mauve-colored Phalaenopsis orchids stems.

Step 1: Set fresh floral foam into each cube. Begin by ripping New Zealand flax stems into strips and inserting them into each cube in a traveling manner. Layer multiple pieces from alternating cubes to create rhythm and movement. Add aluminum wire into cubes in a similar manner.

Step 2: Add soft pink carnations into each cube in a pave’ style. In a similar fashion, insert ‘Sweet Unique’ roses. (Rio) Add touches of zonal geranium at the base. Also, insert peach ranunculus and their buds a bit taller allowing them to dance across the design.

Step 3: Add a level of luxury by adding mauve-colored Phalaenopsis orchids to visually connect the design together.