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Cloud Nine – Creating Dramatic Flower Clouds

The rise in popularity and availability of dried and preserved flower material has allowed floral designers to venture into larger, more dramatic designs that are not easily possible with fresh material. This gave birth to a new style of design – the flower cloud. They are really popular for large events because they free up table space, which is often in short supply, especially with the trend for long runs of tables rather than the traditional round ones.


It is a design suspended either in the roof space or directly behind a focal area such as the top table. They are either light and transparent with a fluffy cloud-like feeling that combines really well with a more glamorous look including cut glass and metallic accessories, or bolder and more exotic, which works with a more rustic natural look. This style also lends itself to painted plant material in soft white or pink shades. The plant material used is primarily dried or preserved but fresh flowers such as peonies can be added in water tubes.

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Flora Magazine - Spring 2021
Flora Magazine – Spring 2021

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