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Flower Arranging – The Complete Guide to Floral Design!

This book is written as a foundation for the novice entering this new world of floristry. It also serves as a refresher for the experienced designer and as a springboard to the next level for designers in between. The ability to create emerging styles of design relies heavily on solid fundamentals. Mastering the classic round mound, the one-sided triangle, the horizontal centerpiece, the European hand-tied and one dozen roses in a vase is akin to learning the five mother sauces of classical cuisine. To be taken seriously, a designer must master these essentials of the craft.

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Travis Rigby, with his journalism background from the University of Utah, first made a significant impact by founding and leading for 27 years. Transitioning to floral journalism, he served as the editor of Florists' Review Magazine, shaping industry perspectives. Currently, as president of and publisher at WildFlower Media Inc., Travis continues to innovate at the intersection of technology and floriculture.