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Floral Trends 2024: A Blooming New Year

As we step into the new year, floral enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement over the latest trends in floral arrangements. Urban Stands’ floral designer, Justin, shares insights into the blossoming trends shaping 2024.

Winter Whites & Spring Blooms: Embrace winter whites with creamy roses, Magnolia, and Dusty Miller for a wintry feel. Looking ahead, blend winter flowers like ranunculus with spring blooms, creating classic bouquets with a modern twist.

Balancing Act: Achieve the perfect arrangement by balancing eye-catching roses with textural elements like goldenrod. The key is harmony between focal flowers and complementary textures.

Tips for Freshness: For Northeastern regions with limited flowers in winter, keep blooms fresh by maintaining the right water temperature and changing water regularly.

DIY Floral Magic: Create your own stunning arrangements by balancing focus flowers and adding texture. Justin guides enthusiasts on a journey to discover the art of floral design.

As we welcome 2024, the community is set to embrace the beauty and joy that flowers bring, turning each arrangement into a unique story of celebrations and new beginnings. Whether exploring Petals and Posies or crafting at home, inspiration abounds in the flourishing trends of the new year.

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