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Floral Symphony: Painting Vibrant Roses in Watercolor – Simple yet beautiful

Hello, creative souls! Today, join me for the grand finale of our four-part series, a captivating journey into the world of loose floral watercolors inspired by the cover art of “Everyday Watercolor.”

In this video, we’ll paint a vibrant, larger-than-life loose rose using a fall color palette, navigating through each step with a size 16 round brush on a generous 20 in by 14 in canvas. From fluffy petals to the magic of wet-on-wet leaves, we’ll create a symphony of colors and shapes.

The supporting cast of stems, leaves, and tiny star-shaped flowers adds depth and movement. Witness the evolution of our masterpiece compared to the original cover art from 2016, showcasing the artist’s growth and brilliance.

Thank you for being part of this artistic adventure! Subscribe for more, explore books and companion courses, and stay tuned for the next series – “Everyday Water Flowers.” The excitement never ends in the world of art!

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