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Floral Hoop Wreath!

Learn how to make a DIY floral hoop wreath for your farmhouse decor or baby nursery with this easy tutorial. All you need is a wreath, some dried flowers, and a way to fasten it all together. You can buy a pre made wreath online for $50 or more dollars, or make your own for under $10. I like the second choice! 🙂

For this tutorial you will need a “moon” hoop wreath. Gather dried flowers. I like getting a dried flower bouquet from the farm stand near us, but you can also use fresh flowers and dry them yourself. Follow the tutorial I shared for drying leaves for garland in this post if you want to see how I do this. If you’re starting from a bouquet, you’ll want to take it apart and pick the flowers you want for your wreath. I chose neutral colors since this wreath will go in our nursery.

NOTE: if you only have long stemmed flowers or leaves, it might be helpful to buy some faux eucalyptus to cover up the “moon” section of your wreath. The leaves are nice and big so it makes the rest of the wreath a whole lot easier. Fasten the first layer of flowers or leaves to the wreath with Christmas tree hooks. I used these because I couldn’t find my leftover cable ties from the last wreath I made. You could also use some paperclips laying around. Once you have a thick layer covering the moon portion of the wreath, you can start adding your flowers. TIP: Use a hot glue gun with glue sticks for the rest of the wreath. It’s much easier and faster than tying. To make a centerpiece for your wreath, cut a small circle out of a plastic plate. Glue the flower heads onto the plate, making sure to cover up the plate circle completely on all sides. Then glue the plate to the wreath leaves. Hang and enjoy!