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AUTUMN FLOWERS AND FOLIAGE are so abundant, we have the bonus of berries, fruits and flowers being at their least expensive, enabling us to enjoy them even more. Our regular writer Jonathan Moseley has produced some exciting designs featuring the season’s fruits and seed heads on page 57.

Two mediums for keeping stems in place, I remember from early in my flower journey are Dri-Hard and Stay Soft – now that shows my age! I’ve not seen them for years and was intrigued and delighted when Sarah Hills-Ingyon used them at my flower school – and in her wreath on page 40. They fit in so well with sustainability.

After buying Flora in Dallas, Texas, photographer Carolyn Brown shared her innovative Dancing Flowers concept with me (page 42). So here is to hopefully a warm and calm autumn. Do keep in touch – I really appreciate your comments, ideas and feedback.


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