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Flora Magazine Launches Fall Issue!

Flora Fall 2022

AUTUMN IS DRAWING IN and the garden and flower shops are full of glorious rich colours. Berries, fruits and seed heads abound and Chrissie Harten shows the vast range of colours, forms and textures available in her garden, see p14.

Also making the most of the season’s bounty, Kate Hayton transforms gourds into enchanting fairy houses – see p41.

After the dark days of Covid, festivals are back and we profile magnificent events including the flower festival at historic Salisbury Cathedral with more than 450 arrangers involved (p22); to the creative and fun designs at Flower Power, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Sussex Area of NAFAS (p33). One of my favourite exhibits from that event, Fetch (p56), shows how sculpture and flowers work together so fluidly – with a spark of imagination and a fair amount of work!

Breeders Deleflor asked me to create some designs with new Chrysanthemum ‘Pip Salmon’ and ‘Alemani’, which were fabulous and lasted nearly three weeks. One of the designs I created is on p3, but I would love to see images of how you might use them – or ways in which you’ve put your own personal stamp on any of our step by steps. I hope you enjoy the glorious flowers of autumn.



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