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Finding INspiration for Creative Fulfillment

In the pathway of professional development, a floral designer has this in common with an opera singer: As a budding soprano, you perfect your technique by studying the roles that are best fitting to your voice.

Then, you can expand your repertoire, one role at a time. As a floral designer, you want to gain a solid foundation in basic principles. You also want to develop your own signature style—and the best way to do both of those things is by practicing and refining your own original designs: the designs that you can do best. Then, you are ready to expand your range in any direction, always growing in creative strength.

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Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
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Jeanne Ha, AIFD, CFD, is the owner of a successful retail florist business and a founder and instructor of a school for the teaching of floral design and business. She is internationally recognized as a floral designer and as an AIFD Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge.