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Exotic Rhapsody – Tropical Flower Floral Arrangement Design Tutorial for Florists

Exotic Rhapsody – Tropical Flower Floral Arrangement Design Tutorial For Florists Sponsor: Green Point Nurseries tropical flower design for florists Entice and impress your clients by grouping several containers together and linking them with showy tropical blooms, dramatic foliage, and structural elements that will draw attention in any commercial space.

Materials used: Gold banded white ceramic cylinders (12, 16, 20”) Oasis floral foam, 30” hyacinth stakes, Uglu dashes, white yarn, silver aluminum wire, Midollino extenders wrapped with mustard yarn, lycopodium, allen carr heliconia, oncidium orchids, and ruffled calathea leaves.

Step 1: Wrap 12-14 hyacinth stakes with white yarn using Uglu dashes to adhere. On 6 of the stakes, leave 4-5 inches at the base which will be used to create the vertical structure. Set them aside.

Step 2: Set Oasis floral foam presoaked with floral preservative into each cylinder vessel, you will want the floral foam to just reach the top surface of each container.

Step 3: Insert hyacinth stakes with wood exposed side down into the left and right side of each container. Attach completely yarn wrapped stakes to structure using silver metallic wire at differing angles. Allow the additional stakes to crisscross and connect the containers together.

Step 4: Anchor Midollino extenders with aluminum wire to the stake structure allowing them to swirl and move through the grouping. Insert lycopodium foliage in vertical placements in the center of each container.

Step 5: Place allen carr heliconia into the design. Place some of them upward into the design, and some downward into each container to add creative intrigue. Insert oncidium orchids into each container at angles allowing them to spill over and visually connect the design grouping. Finish the design with groupings of ruffled calathea leaves.