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Everlasting Botanical Frame – Wedding Welcome Table Decor

Everlasting Botanical Frame – Wedding Welcome Table Decor using a frame to create a wedding welcome table décor that is super dramatic and easy!

Join Erik as he shares techniques used to create this impactful floral frame with a message included!

Materials used: 18×24” white wooden frame, 2 inch Styrofoam sheet, Uglu dashes, #9 striped ribbon, boutonniere pins, hyacinth stakes, plaque with message, assorted everlasting botanical flowers, 2” water tubes, ranunculus, viburnum, scoop scabiosa, and lilac.

Step 1: Cut the Styrofoam sheet to fit exactly inside interior of the frame. Conceal the outer edge of the foam with ribbon and adhere with Uglu dashes and pin into place with boutonniere pins. Adhere foam to backside of the frame with Uglu dashes in each corner.

Step 2: Anchor the plaque into center of the frame using hyacinth stakes and Uglu dashes in each corner.

Step 3: Insert everlasting botanical flowers into foam around plaque focusing on color balance and visual proportions. Insert water tubes into foam in different areas around everlasting botanicals.

Step 4: Insert ranunculus, scoop scabiosa, snowball viburnum and lilacs into the water tubes to enhance and give life to the entire design.

Step 5: Set frame on stand as a perfect display for the wedding welcome table.