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Embracing Edibles

Fruit and Vegetables are the epitome of seasonality, marking the changes of light and temperature and speaking to us of memories of past years and hopes for the new season. As we harvest summer’s crops, autumn is a time for celebration with much to offer for floral designs. Choose apples in colors that appeal, from cool green to warm amber or deepest port red. Then decide whether to keep the bloom on the fruit or polish them to encourage a deep
shine. And don’t underestimate humble crab apples, which work so well left on the bough, scattered randomly, or organized into bold groups. You can extend their season by waxing some too.

To do this, simply warm up some left-over wax candles in an old saucepan – choose a rich red in preparation for Christmas or let a white wax make them look more pastel – stick a cocktail stick gently in the stalk end and then
dip the apple quickly into the wax. Then put the stick into an old piece of insulation board to let the wax cool.

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