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Elevated Candle Centerpiece – Florist Design with Taper Candles and White ‘Avalanche’ Roses

Hey everyone, I’m Erik Witcraft AIFD, and today I will share with you a creative idea for a how-to florist design, elevated candle centerpiece with taper candles, and white ‘Avalanche’ roses. I am going to show you some fun tricks and techniques to get started in creating this florist design.

To begin with, I have placed Smithers-Oasis ‘Midnight’ foam presoaked with floral preservative into this recycled boat container. Next, I have prepared the taper candles by carving the base of each of them to a point. This will allow me to apply Smithers Oasis floral adhesive to the base of each candle and place them into the foam, locking them into the wet foam. I like to stagger the placement for visual interest.

Then, I utilize copper Smithers-Oasis mega wire (6 gauge). I take the end of the wire and coil it around this glass water tube. I create several of these elevated glass tubes at various heights. I place them into the foam by hooking the bottom to keep them from moving. This is already looking interesting, but I want to add these incredible ‘Bosc’ pears. I am going to anchor them into the design using wooden shish kabab skewers and Smithers Oasis floral adhesive. You can also use wood picks or woody stems. On with the flowers and foliage. First, I am placing leucadedron color enhanced with Copper Fusion 237 – MODERN METALS by Design Master. Next, I am adding ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum and camellia foliage. Finally, I am going to insert beautiful white ‘Avalanche’ roses throughout the design.

I am going to add fragrant freesia into the glass tubes. Add some green millet over the top of everything else for fabulous texture. This design has modern elements that push your customer’s expectation to a modern level but would appeal to your grandmother in a traditional way! The way the candlelight will sparkle against the metallic copper wire and gilded foliage and glass water tubes make it a truly beautiful look. Thank you for watching today. Be sure to join us next time, and have a great day! 10” White taper candles Smithers-Oasis ‘Midnight’ foam 6 gauge Copper Smithers-Oasis aluminum wire Recycled plastic boat 6” Glass water tubes Copper Fusion 237 – MODERN METALS by Design Master Leucadendron Camellia ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum Bosc Pears White ‘Avalanche’ roses White freesia Green millet