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EASY Floral Bath Bomb Tutorial AZALEA!!!

Hey everyone, my name is Dora. Today I am going to show you how to make these beautiful sparkling azalea bath bombs. They’re easy to make & require just a few ingredients! For FO I used “floral muse”, which is a very stylish floral scent & a bit of “fairy dust”, which is a very sweet scent with light notes of fruit. To get the sparkling effect on the bomb, I only used about ¼ tsp. of luna pearl mica, which isn’t very much at all… this mica is just awesome! AZALEAS: I picked some azaleas & then dehydrated them at 120 for about 8 hours. If you don’t have a dehydrator you can always bake them! I love using azaleas bc they dehydrate well; they keep the exact color they had & don’t get that crumbly texture. But, most importantly, I love azaleas because they stack! Add multiple layers of petals, different colors, even different species of azalea flowers all to 1 flower! If you don’t have access to azaleas, use any flower of your choice! MOLDING: Make sure to lay flower face down in mold, with its petals straight out (make sure petals aren’t bent in the wrong direction). Then hold down the petals as you pour bomb mix on top. Fill mold as usual. *** Don’t worry about how the flower looks after its molded. Once the bomb is dry I’m going to fluff the petals back to normal. Unmold bomb & let it dry for 24 hours. FINAL TOUCHES: Once bomb is dry brush off bomb mix from petals. Loosen any top petals that’ve dried to bomb but leave bottom ones alone. Then fluff up top petals & attach a metallic dragee in the center with melted soap & then puff up top petals around it. The metallic dragee adds so much & really finishes the flower, & the bomb for that matter. *** If you accidentally pull to hard & the flower comes off (like I did) use melted soap as glue to put the flower back on bath bomb. RESULTS: I found everything about this bomb absolutely delightful; from its beautiful flower to its thick glittery foam. This bomb had a quick spin & traveled from 1 end of the tub to the other & normally I love that, but it was tough trying to get it to stay in front of the camera. After the bomb was complete, the water was glittery & smelled wonderful & sparkling foam floated on top water along with the azalea. Yes indeed, I enjoyed this delightful bath bomb! TIP: Don’t shrink wrap bomb; it’ll flatten azalea flower beyond repair!!!