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Discover The Largest Tulip Festival In The US

Discover The Largest Tulip Festival In The US

Tulips are one of the most welcome signs of spring. When colorful tulip blooms appear, it means that the gray doldrums of winter are over and a season of renewal and rebirth has begun.

The tulip is so beloved that entire festivals have been created to celebrate its annual spring arrival. No festival does it bigger or better than the one that is held in western Michigan every spring, though. The largest tulip festival in the United States is the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.

The city of Holland traces its roots back to the mid-1840s when a group of Dutch Calvinist separatists formed a colony. They were fleeing religious persecution and settled along the coast of Lake Michigan. Thousands of Dutch immigrants would follow. Today, the Dutch influence is seen all over the city of Holland, including the wooden shoe factory, the windmill, and, of course, the tulips.

While tulips did not originate in the Netherlands, they certainly became the country’s adopted plant. The tulip is the official national flower of the Netherlands.

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