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Delight and Dazzle Arrangement – Holiday Season Floral Design

Delight and Dazzle Arrangement for a Holiday Season floral design to delight and surprise your customers this holiday season while selling merchandise, elevating your designs, and increasing profitability.

Join Erik as he shares the tricks and techniques he used to incorporate ornaments off the retail floor with luxurious Rio Roses and fragrant evergreens to create a dazzling seasonal arrangement.

Step 1: Create multiple midollino extenders using 5-7 stems of midollino and a long piece of 18 gauge aluminum wire. Stagger the positions of the midollino making sure the wire extends longer on both ends. Begin in the center and bind with silver bullion wire winding to the end and then the other end. Wrap with yarn using Uglu dashes to help hold the yarn at the ends.

Step 2: Set fresh floral foam into a container and anchor with waterproof adhesive tape. Cut sections of red sparkle ribbon garland and insert into foam creating movement and depth. Attach the large glass finial to the ribbon garland using red metallic wire. Insert smaller teardrop finials into the foam in a grouping. Add midollino extenders into the design anchoring them to the ribbon garland as well with red metallic wire.

Step 3: Add additional ornaments to the design using red metallic wire. Insert boughs of deodar cedar into the design allowing it to drape over the container. Insert groupings of ‘Freedom’ roses (Rio) to design and any additional boughs needed to cover and conceal mechanics.

Step 4: Finish the design with the addition of 2 stems of lime Phalaenopsis orchid stems that dance over the top of the glitzy design.

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