Living Flowers

Cutting Down Peonies and other Fall Flowerbed Maintenance

I’ve been busy in the garden and never document it! So to remedy that, here’s a short video showing some of my fall garden perspectives. I’m always asked how I prepare my landscaped areas for winter? Short answer: less is always more!

Preparing for winter comes down to a few main things:⁠ ⁠ – Removing the peony growth that’s looking spent and covered in powdery mildew.⁠ – Removing any brown lily stalks and other plants that have no life.⁠ – Leaving perennials and hydrangeas that have dried flower or seed heads. Insects use them to make homes and use the plants as winter protection. Plus, leaving some growth gives winter interest.⁠ ⁠ The takeaway? Do not stress about or overthink how to clean for the upcoming winter. Your garden will enjoy the extra protection from leaving plants and nature will thank you too! #fall #plants #garden