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Creating a Masculine Bouquet: A Floral Designer’s Journey

In a recent video from a skilled floral designer based in Langley, British Columbia, viewers were taken through the intricate process of crafting a bouquet with a distinctly masculine feel. The designer, who is committed to using seasonal flowers sourced from her own farm and cut flower gardens, shared her approach to selecting ingredients, choosing colors, and designing the bouquet.

Ingredient Selection and Color Choices

The video began with the designer in her studio, ready to create a bouquet for a male recipient. She emphasized the importance of choosing the right ingredients and colors to achieve a more masculine aesthetic. Instead of the usual fluffy, textural filler flowers, she opted for flowers with strong, structural shapes. One of the key flowers she selected was lupin, known for its linear quality.

While she doesn’t have access to tropical flowers, which often have the desired strong shapes and colors, she made do with what was available in her garden. This included burgundy peonies, lime green alchemilla, red ninebark, peach ranunculus, and centaurea. The designer also incorporated foliage to add structure and depth to the bouquet, such as horehound and dogwood.

Design and Style Considerations

The designer explained that when creating a bouquet for a man, she focuses on bold color combinations like reds, yellows, blues, and greens. She aimed for a linear style bouquet, which not only suited the occasion but also highlighted each flower’s unique attributes.

As she began assembling the bouquet, she used a spiral technique to arrange the stems, ensuring each flower had its own space to stand out. She carefully staggered the heights of the flowers to create a visually appealing line throughout the bouquet.

The Final Touches

To add finishing touches, the designer included a few more flowers to balance the shape and enhance the color palette. She incorporated yellow columbine and Dutch irises, positioning them so they would open up beautifully in the bouquet.

Finally, she wrapped the bouquet with wet paper towels and waxed brown paper to keep the stems hydrated. Instead of using a ribbon, she tied the bouquet with string for a more masculine finish.


The result was a striking, masculine bouquet with a strong, structured appearance. The designer’s careful consideration of color, shape, and style paid off when her customer, without prior discussion, immediately commented on how masculine the bouquet looked. This successful outcome was a testament to the designer’s skill and creativity in working with the natural limitations of her garden.

For those who grow cut flowers, whether for personal enjoyment or as a business, this video provided valuable insights into creating bouquets with specific aesthetic goals. The designer’s dedication to using seasonal, home-grown flowers and her thoughtful design process offered inspiration and practical tips for fellow flower enthusiasts.

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