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Could Leicestershire florist The Flower Plant have the coolest shopfront in the country?

Could Leicestershire florist The Flower Plant have the coolest shopfront in the country?

If you’ve walked along Sileby’s High Street in the past three years, you’ll have no doubt noticed The Flower Plant.

The award-winning independent florist and plant shop has become well known for its brilliantly creative, regularly-changing shopfront – and we reckon it may just be the coolest in the country.

It is currently painted a vibrant shade of pink and adorned with the words ‘How You Doin?’ which fans of the TV show Friends will immediately recognise.

The Valentine’s themed shopfront is all about checking in on one another, looking out for the ones you love – be it your Valentine, ‘galentine’ or ‘palentine’.

“We believe that we are all shouldering much more than we would normally bear right now.

“So it’s never been more important to let your special person know how much you love them,” owner Kathryn Devereux told LeicestershireLive.

“We chose a punchy pink colour palette that screams Valentines, ties with our Valentines floral range, grabs attention but also hopefully cheers people up as they pass by.

“As we are having to work behind closed doors due to current restrictions it allowed us to take full advantage of the entire shopfront treating it like a giant billboard.”

The Flower Plant was founded by Kathryn in 2017, and she says it was a huge Christmas wreath that year which set the ball rolling with the shopfront displays.

Themes have included ‘Addicted to Love’ for Valentine’s Day 2019, ‘Mum and Me’ featuring giant Polaroid photos showing customers and their mothers for Mother’s Day 2019, a Gavin and Stacey-inspired ‘You’re Tidy’ theme for Valentine’s Day 2020, and a beautiful big rainbow during lockdown in April 2020.

Plus, for Christmas 2020, the entire shop front was painted gold.

Kathryn, who often collaborates with local signwriter Rob from Rise and Signs said: “As a brand, we’re probably a bit of an attention seeker.

“We believe bigger is better, we certainly don’t do things by halves.

“With our windows and shopfront designs we always aim to make a bold statement, something that grabs attention and that ultimately makes people smile.

“The response we get from people, the look on their faces, inspires us to keep doing more.”

The Flower Plant is currently providing deliveries. Click here to visit its website.