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Contemporary Rose Topiary

Sponsored by Alexandra Farms Secondarily sponsored by Royal Flowers and Design Master Sponsored Products ‘Rose Gold’ and ‘Purple Pansy’ Just for Flowers– Design Master ‘Golden Mustard’ Roses – Alexandra Farms ‘Juliet’ Roses – Alexandra Farms ‘Green Trick’ Dianthus Royal Flowers Italian Ruscus Plumosa Sea Star Australian Fern – Color Enhanced

Additional Supplies Used Midnight Foam – Smithers Oasis Straight Willow Reeds Bind Wire- Smithers Oasis How-to Steps Insert presoaked midnight oasis into urn Anchor with waterproof adhesive tape Insert straight willow branches in foam to create vertical thrust Attach horizontal branches above and varying angles using bind wire Insert ‘Golden mustard’ roses and ‘Juliet’ roses by Alexandra Farms into created trellis leaving them tall but at various heights Add ‘Green trick’ dianthus at the base of the arrangement Insert plumosa and Italian ruscus at base of design allowing 1 long piece of ruscus to travel from the base of the design up through the roses above. Tint ‘Sea star’ Australia fern with rose gold and ‘purple pansy’ just for flowers by Design Master Add 1 fern at base and 1 in top of the design Done!

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