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Christmas Cones

Textural conifer cones come in a range of sizes and shapes and offer many opportunities for floral design.

Surprisingly, only three conifers are native to the UK-Scots pine, yew and juniper. However, floral artists can access many other species that have been introduced to the British Isles. conifer foliage is always handy, however it’s the cones that we love using. Their diversity of size is quite amazing, ranging from time Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (Lawson’s cypress) cones to huge Pinas pinea (stone pine) ones and everything in between.

I’m a great fan of Picea abies (Norway spruce) cones which are quite long and fine in texture and look fabulous in a wide variety of designs. Even with limited access to woodland for forage cones you can usually find some pinecones l- even in town. You can, of course, purchase cones from wholesalers or online and then the choice is endless. Small cone-like catkins of Alnus glutinosa (alder) can be bought from aquarium suppliers, apparently the tannin they contain has a positive impact on aquarium water conditions.

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