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Champagne Flower Arrangement – Dazzling Floral Design Florist Tutorial for New Year’s Eve Party

Champagne Soiree Entry Arrangement is a dazzling flower arrangement for an elegant seasonal party. Create elegance and wow factor with an amazing design that is surprisingly simple but sure to dazzle your clients this holiday season. Watch as

Erik takes the lowly carnation and styles it in a structural and dramatic haute couture design. Materials used: Tall glass vase, fresh floral foam, waterproof adhesive tape, gold metallic wire, various sized gold beads, bind wire, contorted filbert branches, Champagne Gold metallic finishes (DM) white carnations (Rio) soft green Phalaenopsis orchid blooms, Oasis floral adhesive.

Step 1: String a variety of gold beads onto gold metallic wire lengths. Wrap them in paper towels and tuck them in a ziplock bag for easy transport and to prevent tangling. Set aside.

Step 2: Set gilded filbert branches into a glass vessel filled with water for stability. Bind the branches together to create a strong foundation.

Step 3: Carve ½ brick of fresh floral foam into a rounded form. (You can also use an Oasis sphere for this) Wrap waterproof adhesive tape around the form to help create strength and an ability to anchor into the branches. Use bind wire to attach the Oasis form into the branches in multiple places to ensure security.

Step 4: Cover Oasis form with white carnations (Rio) focusing on creating an overall ball shape.

Step 5: String beaded wires onto contorted filbert branches in various places. Add Phalaenopsis orchid blooms to beads with Oasis floral adhesive gluing over the cut end of the stem helping seal in moisture which will allow the bloom to last throughout an event.