Living Flowers

Beach Inspired Floral Design


Trim a large piece of floral foam into an oval shape and place it on the oval dish. Insert a base layer of hydrangea. Arrange the strips of wool in between. Apply the strips of gauze to this (the wool may touch the foam, the gauze must not). Make bunches of Stachys leaves by folding them along the main grain, laying them together and inserting them on wire.

The groups of leaves are arranged between the folds of wool and mesh, so that the arrangement looks like rolling waves. The Vanda orchids are inserted into water vials. Now distribute the other flowers over the arrangement. The Dahlias should appear like white caps on the waves.

Flowers Used:

Hydrangea ‘Magical Pearl Blue’
Dahlia ‘Pompon’, white
Stachys, leaf
Vanda ‘Tayanee White’
Delphinium ‘Folkenfrieden’

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