Living Flowers

Barking Up the Right Tree

A sustainable container created from a recycled plastic drinks bottle covered with bark is ideal for any mix of flowers.

• 5 Clematis
• 5 parrot tulips
• 12 Anemone
• 3 Ranunculus
• 1 trail of variegated ivy (Hedera)

• Recycled plastic bottle
• Florists fix or double-sided tape
• Pieces of bark

1 Remove the bottle neck and top of a plastic bottle.
2 Apply several wraps of florist’s fix or double-sided tape to the outside of the bottle. Stick the pieces of bark in place so the bottle is completely covered. 3 Place a rubber band around the bark, about halfway up, to aid security. Dot small pieces of florists fix at various points on the rubber band positioned around the bark. Wrap the trail of ivy round the band, pushing it onto the fix so it stays in place.
4 Fill the bottle with water and add any mix of flowers or those mentioned above.

TIP Ranunculus and tulips prefer to be in shallow rather than deep water but do remember to top up the container regularly

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