Living Flowers

Autumn Zen – Dramatic Structural Floral Design

Autumn Zen – Dramatic structural floral design. Incorporating beautiful plants in an interesting way, Erik will share with you the techniques behind creating a dramatic structural design conveying a strong Zen feeling.

Materials used: Modern metal bowl on a stand, tapered square copper container, Oasis floral foam, Oasis bind wire, dried dogwood branches, fresh sphagnum moss, 3 – 4” peperomia plants, miniature cymbidium orchid, and brown anthurium.

Step 1: Soak floral foam in floral nutrient water. Place into a copper square container.

Step 2: Bind dried dogwood branches to the outside of the metal bowl using Oasis bind wire. Layer inside of the bowl with more sphagnum moss. Sink modern metal bowl on stand by pressing into the foam. Conceal base foam with fresh sphagnum moss.

Step 3: Place plants into the bowl and cover with more moss as needed. Step 4: Insert the cymbidium orchid into the design through the bowl and into the floral foam in the based container. Add in the brown anthurium in the same fashion, allowing them to soar above the other design elements.