Living Flowers

Asian Allure

What a wonderfully creative book. We are delighted to see this compilation of floral art come to fruition. Jeanne Ha, Greg Lum and Lily Chan have succeeded in creating a beautiful treasury of inspiring floral designs by 14 accomplished Asian designers. From
simple linear designs and intricate handiwork of flowers-to-wear to large, dramatic, and complex contemporary displays, beautiful flowers are the soul of this book.

Organized by the tactile inspirations of wood, fabric, paper and metal, each design is a distinctive work of art showcased by marvelous photography. Asian Allure, a compilation of inspirational designs is a must-have for the library of every serious floral designer. A true work of love, this book calls for a heartfelt thank-you to all of the designers sharing their talents

Leanne Kesler AIFD PFCI FDI
David Kesler AIFD PFCI FDI
Floral Design Institute

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