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Once in a while an amazing thing happens: The stars align and just the right people are in the right place when an idea is born. I was blessed by this rare occurrence when, on a whim, I tossed the idea of this book out to the leadership at AIFD®. To my surprise, they jumped at this opportunity and took it on as their own.

Armed with the idea along with open minds and open hearts they set about creating something very special — with nothing to gain themselves except to promote our wonderful, creative industry and its members.

Now I realize what this book really is — a creation of love. The love for flowers, the love of truly exceptional floral design and the love of our fellow floral designers. All driven by an exceptional association who values and promotes their members.

WildFlower Media is proud to partner with the American Institute of Floral Designers™ on this amazing collaboration of AIFD® certified floral designers. What follows is just a sampling of the multi-talented work created by the members of AIFD®.

We could have never known about the impending pandemic or the cancellation of the 2020 Symposium, and how valuable this book would become as a small, unifying bright spot in the middle of our painful losses. Again, we were guided by the stars.

Finally, I want to thank my team at WildFlower Media for making this project come to life. The tireless hours of gathering entries, arranging images, editing text and creating a final project that is both beautiful and encapsulates the love of floral design expressed by AIFD® members.

We hope you enjoy this compilation as much as we enjoyed this wonderful collaboration.

Travis Rigby
Publisher, WildFlower Media

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Travis Rigby, with his journalism background from the University of Utah, first made a significant impact by founding and leading for 27 years. Transitioning to floral journalism, he served as the editor of Florists' Review Magazine, shaping industry perspectives. Currently, as president of and publisher at WildFlower Media Inc., Travis continues to innovate at the intersection of technology and floriculture.