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AIFD: Artistic Floral Design Book Preview

Artistic Floral Design 2020—a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) and WildFlower Media— showcases the awe-inspiring floral design virtuosity of 24 gifted AIFD-accredited botanical artists from around the world. Sixty-five original, never-before- published floral creations, profiled in more than 150 glorious photos, compose this inaugural collector’s edition, which heralds the innovative creativity, boundless talent and specific disciplines of the chosen designers.

This spectacular treasury of diverse fl oral art, curated via an anonymous peer jury process overseen by AIFD, shares each designer’s artistic vision with the world and recognizes each artist’s exceptionalism in floral design.

The first of consecutive annual editions, this premiere book is one that you will refer to over and over for design inspiration—as well as just pure satisfaction and bliss. It has created a lot of excitement and buzz in the floral industry, so be among the first to get a copy,and be “in the know” about what everyone is talking. Start collecting your series now by visiting

Jackey Lacey, AIFD, CFD, AAF, PFCI Discusses the Book

What was the inspiration behind this book?
AIFD ® wanted to create a collectible book to showcase the artistic talents of select AIFD ® members from around the world and to share the artistry of flowers. This is the first edition, and we hope to produce other volumes to be released mid-year, to coincide with the AIFD ® National Symposium every July.

How would you define this book?
This is a “floral art” book that showcases the amazing things that can be created with botanical materials used as the medium. AIFD ® members love to share with others the possibilities with flowers, but clients sometimes can curb floral designers’ creative edge; in this book, our members fully express themselves through flowers without limitations and constraint.

For what audience was this book developed, and what do you hope readers will gain from it?
Artistic Floral Design 2020 will appeal to anyone who loves flowers and has an interest in floral design trends, styles and techniques. By spending time “dreaming” through the pages of this book, readers will find inspiration, encouragement and knowledge that will stimulate their individual creative growth. They also will gain a better understanding of the art of floral design and the integrity and value of quality, creative floral design.


• $34.99
• 120 pages
• Hardcover
• 65 floral designs from 24 AIFD ® -accredited floral designers
from around the world
• More than 150 photos, many of which are full page or
spreads, along with closeup detail shots of every design
• 11” wide x 8.5” high
• ISBN 978-1-7337826-6-1

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