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Aces of Trades: Hard work leads to success for Noblit at Marion Flower Shop

Aces of Trades: Hard work leads to success for Noblit at Marion Flower Shop

MARION – Hard work? Yeah, Nathan Noblit knows a thing or two about the value of hard work.

“Growing up I enjoyed many things, but I always had a job. Even before I was 10, I had a Marion Star paper route (under my mom’s name since I was too young to have my own),” Noblit recalled. “After my paper route, I would mow grass for about 10 older neighbors.”

“When I wasn’t mowing,” he continued, “I would do cleanup-type jobs for the owner of Marion Flower Shop at the time. I did this after my school (after my paper route) and on weekends, holidays, and when school was out for the summer. And I also really enjoyed detailing cars, which I still love today. I did this through my teen years and right up until the day I graduated high school.”

“So, I’ve had years of learning to work,” Noblit added.

And now? Noblit currently spends his time at the Marion Flower Shop as president — and owner.

“My interest came from the familiarity of being around the flower business when I was young, so it was just a natural progression,” he explained.

Now 41, Noblit grew up in Marion — on Merchant Avenue, just around the corner from the flower shop. He graduated from Harding High School in 1997, then studied business administration at Ohio Northern.

Afterward, Noblit worked for a “fairly young and upcoming business” in Marion for 10 years. Then he decided it was time to strike out on his own. The opportunity “to become re-involved with Marion Flower Shop presented itself,” he said, “and everything just fell into place from there.”

That was 2010.

“My role is whatever it takes to support the amazing staff in their day-to-day work,” Noblit said. “Although much of my time is spent sourcing our floral products from all over the world, I also can be found making daily deliveries, processing the mail, working with local clients on a variety of projects, and sweeping the floor in the warehouse after a major holiday.”

“Being a florist is certainly a labor of love,” he added. “Like many things, if you don’t love it, you won’t be any good at it.”

“He’s a great boss,” assessed floral manager and long-time employee Christy Collins. “He does a lot for us, and he doesn’t ask anything of us he wouldn’t do himself. We’re like a family here.”

“I love the involvement,” Noblit responded. “I have to be actively engaged to feel like I’ve done my days’ worth of work. Plus I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people. The relationships developed over the years are invaluable — and I’m blessed our team is very good at what they do.”

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