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A Natural Design takes Behind the Scenes to show wiring techniques. Studios offers a delightful peek into the world of floral design with a special arrangement tutorial. Hosted by their expert team, this session dives into the intricacies of the double leg mount wiring technique and culminates in a stunning floral display perfect for the occasion.

Tools and Materials

For this project, the designers gathered a variety of tools and materials:

  • Plastic pillow stem cage
  • Floral tape and wires (20, 24, and 18 gauge)
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus, Scotch broom, apple tree branches, white spray roses, Peach Asiatic lilies, green carnations, and white spider mums

All of these elements were prepared to create a lush, bubble bowl arrangement brimming with color and texture.

Wiring Tutorial: Double Leg Mount Method

The tutorial begins with a detailed demonstration of the double leg mount method for wiring a rose head. This technique is essential for giving stability to flowers that have lost their stems. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Inserting Wires: Two 20-gauge floral wires are inserted into the base of the rose head, forming an X shape to ensure stability.
  2. Bending and Taping: The wires are bent down and wrapped tightly with floral tape, effectively creating a new, sturdy stem.
  3. Securing the Tape: The floral tape is pulled and twisted around the wires, starting at the base of the rose head and continuing down to the ends of the wires. This method ensures the new stem is as firm as the original.

Arranging the Beautiful Floral Display

With the wired rose head ready, the tutorial transitions to assembling the arrangement. The designers emphasize the importance of incorporating various flowers and greenery to achieve a balanced and visually appealing composition.

  1. Establishing the Base: The floral foam is secured in the bubble bowl, providing a strong foundation.
  2. Layering the Greenery: Eucalyptus, Scotch broom, and apple tree branches are strategically placed to create a lush backdrop.
  3. Adding Flowers: White spray roses, Peach Asiatic lilies, green carnations, and white spider mums are added, each carefully positioned to enhance the overall design.
  4. Final Touches: The arrangement is completed with any remaining floral elements, ensuring every angle is covered and the mechanics are concealed.


By the end of the tutorial, viewers have a beautifully crafted arrangement, originally meant for Mother’s Day, demonstrating the impact of expert techniques and thoughtful design. Studios continues to inspire with their creative process, encouraging floral enthusiasts to try their hand at these professional methods. For more creative inspiration and to share your own designs, visit their website and join the community of flower lovers.

Now it’s your turn: gather your flowers, find the perfect vase, and create something beautiful to celebrate the special moments in life.

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