Living Flowers

7 Edible Spring Flowers

In this video, I’m going to show you 7 common flowers that you can eat. With the exception of one of them, they’re flowers from plants that seem to just show up in the garden. In fact, these plants are often regarded as weeds. After this video, I think you’ll look at them differently.

One word of caution – when you forage for these edible plants, make ultra-sure sure sure that the soil they’re growing in is safe. Some of these plants pull heavy metals from the soil and other toxic stuff that you don’t want to ingest. If you find these plants in your organic garden beds, then go for it. I hope after watching this video, you’ll see these plants in a brand new way. They’re feeding the soil, they’re feeding pollinators, and they can feed us. You’ll look forward to seeing these in your yard, in your garden, in your yarden…every spring.