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6 Wedding Bouquet Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

6 Wedding Bouquet Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Choosing a wedding day bouquet to hold down the aisle is a fun and exciting activity for couples getting married. But, it can be easy to make a few mistakes in the process. Not only can selecting certain blooms add major weight to your budget, they also can make a bouquet heavier to carry for hours on end. And, when your wedding day comes around, you can make even more mistakes that could leave those pretty blooms looking less than their best.

Since we don’t want your bridal and bridesmaid bouquet dreams to wilt, we asked a few wedding floral pros to share their insights. Ahead, see their tips on mistakes to avoid and how to ensure your blooms will flourish throughout your wedding day.

We absolutely think it’s helpful to get inspiration from real wedding photos and see other bouquets that can inspire your own. However, florists advise not getting your heart set on an exact look. “I see so many brides find an image they love online and they are set on having that exact bouquet,” says Erice McNeff of Everbloom. “The hard part is no designer can create the same bouquet twice. Even ones we personally make can’t be 100-percent replicated because there are too many variables. There might be one special stem that grew with a particular curve to it that we can’t find again—things like that matter so much in bouquet design. So, it’s challenging when a bride wants something really specific.”

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