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3 Mindset Tips for Floral Designers – How to Build a Flower Boss Mindset

Here’s 3 mindset tips for floral designers. 🤩 If you’re on a mission and wanna learn how to be a successful florist in 2023, don’t miss this week’s video! Learning all about creating a Flower Boss mindset has been one the most valuable skills I’ve developed over the past few years so I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick snapshot, a summary of what to do if you want to create a successful florist mindset. When I learned all about creating a growth mindset, that’s when things really started to shift in my real flower business. It’s also when I learned how to make money as a floral designer. So, if you wanna learn how how to be a successful florist this year, how to be a good florist, floral designer mindset tips, how to run a successful flower business, how to run a successful flower shop, how to run a flower business from home in 2023, how to become a floral designer in 2023, or how to be a floral designer, even just more about being a flower boss and the magic of the floristry industry, be sure to check out this video! Sending you lots of love, 💖 Kathleen