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16 In-Season June Flowers for Your Wedding

16 In-Season June Flowers for Your Wedding

If you’re planning a June wedding, you’re in for a treat. As spring turns to summer, you’ll have gorgeous, temperate weather in June. Not to mention, it’s a prime time for great, seasonal ingredients to complement your wedding menu, along with a wonderful time for stunning, fresh blooms.

“Choosing in-season florals allows you to get creative with incorporating flowers that are in their prime bloom stage, and flowers that are locally grown and sourced,” says Andrea Ancel, FTD‘s director of design and lead floral designer. In-season flowers will be easier to source for your big day, and often, they can help you save on your floral budget.

Plus, if you have a favorite seasonal flower already, you may even choose to plan your wedding date around it. “By selecting seasonal blooms, you have the ability to bring back happy memories and incorporate flowers that are sentimental,” adds Ancel.

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